I ran into a few people this weekend that I haven’t seen since last summer/fall – mostly Dan’s coworkers from his “summer hours” schedule, friends from long distances, that sort of thing. They have all asked me immediately how the “new job” is going, meaning my job where I am exactly one month away from celebrating my one year anniversary. I am taken aback at hearing it described as “new” but it really is. I’ve held three primary jobs, ever, and the first and current have provided me with business cards with nearly the same logo. In ways, I’m new, and in ways, I’ve been at this since 1999.

The tl;dr is easy and exhilarating:

  • I don’t take work home, in stressful ways.
  • I don’t lay awake at night with worry about work things, ever.
  • I get to give back, and pay forward, and donate, and volunteer.  Evvvverrrry day.  It’s so great.
  • My “problems” are hilarious things, my largest panic of late was over what to do with an order of frisbees that was so large it arrived via semi truck.
  • Everything else is just a challenge, or an opportunity, and I truly believe that.  I am uniquely qualified to handle everything thrown at my feet.
  • I am on TV a lot and I have become so kind to myself when watching it on my DVR later.
  • I am on the radio a lot and you guys, I really missed a calling there.  Damn, I’m good on the radio.
  • I am appreciated and told so, to the point that I once got multiple emails from multiple people thanking me for my kindness and attention to detail . . . for setting up a coffee pot so that it only had to be plugged in the next morning.  Just imagine the praise and thanks I get for real work.  It’s astounding.

That’s where I am right now, career-wise.

Ada has been asking a lot of questions about Dan’s job lately, so we took my day off from work for the 4th (observed) to ride Daddy’s train into Chicago and back. This was the first time she was ever on a train while he was on duty.