Rockin’ Rockford Weekend

Ada and Dan eating sweet corn at Rockford City Market Ada on the bank of the Rock River at Rockford City Market Coffee at Jessica’s Our 3-drink minimum at breakfast Ladies’ Day Out for me and Ada at Rock Cut State Park Rock Cut State Park Rock Cut State Park Rock Cut State Park Puri Crest at Rock Cut State... read more

All the Drama of Titanic

One of my favorite weekend morning rituals is to open up my feed reader folder of videos I’ve saved that look funny, and cast them to our bedroom television. This morning, I started with this one, which Someecards described as “It has all of the drama of ‘Titanic,’ but with more raccoons.” Me: I really expected it to be more dramatic. They oversold that. Dan: That’s because you are used to Hollywood blockbusters. Compared to the type of movie I usually watch, it was actually very fast-paced. Me: ~stare~ Dan: The dialogue was pretty weak... read more

National Mustard Day 2015

See also: our National Mustard Days in 2012, 2013, 2014 Mustard Fingerpainting Meowstard and Muttstard Ada’s Balloon Puppy Mustard Bowling Ada’s sweet bowling prize – National Mustard Day sunglasses Honey Mustard Custard with Pretzels Ketchup? That’ll be $10. Swiss mustard dispenser (also seen at Wilmot back in the day!) Excited mustard fans! Mustards by their state of origins. Mustard Vending Machine A new sour I tried – Sour Brainless on Peaches by Epic Our heirloom tomato and burrata pizza at Pizza Brutta in Madison Ada’s cheese pizza at Pizza Brutta in... read more

Financial Planning

Scene:  Dan and I sit on the front step of the house, watching Ada drive her purple F150 Power Wheel truck around my large brick raised flower bed in the front yard. Ada:  ~drives head on into the brick wall~  CAN YOU HELP ME? Ada:  ~backs up 5″, rams the brick wall again~  I’M STUCK. Dan:  Back up all the way away from the walll, then turn the wheel before you put it back into drive. Ada:  ~backs up 3″, rams the brick wall again~  COME LOOK AT THIS I’M STUCK ON THE WALL. Dan turns and gazes into my eyes. Dan:  Well, at least modifieds and hobby stocks are cheaper than sprint... read more

Young Adult Nonfiction

Ada made her first trip to the library this weekend. It was a very big event. She doesn’t know that she isn’t old enough for her own library card yet, so we made a big production out of getting mine. Because I haven’t had one in over 10 years (sigh, I know). She dashed immediately over to the rack of newspapers, because she’s Dan’s child. Witness Protection Library User. Child of Mommy Blogger Library User. Officer Library User, ma’am, I’ve just got a few questions for you. Her first two library books were Your First Airplane Ride and Eggbert the Slightly Cracked Egg. She astutely observed that our library is right next door to the Dairyhaus. Can’t get nothin’ past this tiny... read more
Beth Wagner

Beth Wagner