Right before our flight from Newburgh, NY to Philadelphia in June, I decided I needed some new books on my Nook. I did a very quick search for the words “Indianapolis 500″, as I just read a history of the 1964 race in May and wanted more information to put it in context. Also, my little brother is kind of a know-it-all and one of the areas of history that he has completely memorized is Indianapolis and I’m not about it to cede that to him the next time we are throwing things at each other during a Thanksgiving game of Trivial Pursuit.

Anyway. Nook books. Three of the results that came back were Volumes 1 through 3 of a series of books about Indy by Brian G. Boettcher. One of them was free, and the next two in the series were just a few bucks. I downloaded them all.

I was absolutely captivated and read myself through two plane rides and then to sleep every night for a couple of weeks. I started telling stories to random people about The Sweepstakes, because of course I don’t even call it the 500 anymore. Then I went searching for Volume 4 and HORROR OF HORRORS it wasn’t released yet.

I did what any sane person with a Twitter account does, which is to find the author and beg him to write faster. He got in touch with me last week to let me know that Volume 4 was out. He also gave me a copy of it for free, which was so amazing of him. I doubt he realizes that I even have a blog or write (terrible, usually not even related to the book) book reviews. I think he’s just an awesome guy. Anyway.

Some of you already know that had Ada been a boy, she would have been named Ayrton. When I told my friend Mare this was the case, long before Ada was born, her husband threatened to have another child just to name him Jim Clark [Their Last Name]. Well, now, thanks to Volume Four: The British Invasion, I’m even more sad that this didn’t happen, and will definitely be suggesting Jim Clark to every pregnant woman I know.

In conclusion, buy all four of Brian G. Boettcher’s books, my brother is sometimes a total windbag, and please name your babies Jim Clark. Thank you.

If you can’t tell, I created all of the titles for the past week of blog posts really late at night while enjoying my new love, lemon ginger radler. But I am standing by them. #seoshitshow

The bulk of the racing action takes place on our living room floor these days. But I went to an IRA race at Beaver Dam in August because it was close to the Mustard Festival (of course I go to mustard festivals, are you new?)

After Beaver Dam, our next race was the Milwaukee Indy Fest. Ada’s 2nd Indy car race in 2014, and also her whole life, but the first that had Thomas the Tank Engine as the opening act. She went to Day Out with Thomas with her Grandpa Bob the day before our Indy adventure.



Will Power won, after leading like, everything. I don’t think Ada is a Will Power fan. OR MAYBE I’M PROJECTING I DON’T KNOW.


Only Drink the Local Bourbon

September 16, 2014 — 1 Comment

In July, Dan and I left Ada to fend for herself in the wilds of her grandparents’ candy drawer and drove to Louisville, Kentucky for the Forecastle Festival.

The timing was perfect, because we were able to have breakfast with our Michigan friends, BLC and Amy, while they were in Chicago for music fun of their own.


And we were so close, of course I was going to hit up the Spice House.


And you know, we weren’t really in THAT big of a hurry to leave town so why not see Tron at the 70mm Film Festival at the Music Box?


It was like a staycation opening act to a real vacation. I recommend it highly.

We did eventually make it to Louisville, where we stayed at the Galt. We walked to a diner for breakfast the next morning and had some breakfast bourbon.


And breakfast cheese and breakfast cookies.


I really should be a tour guide, I don’t know why I don’t offer this service yet.

Forecastle takes place right on the water, walking distance from where we stayed. It’s really quite gorgeous.


Maybe not as gorgeous as where my VIP pass put me in relation to Jenny Lewis, though. Because Jenny was very important to me and the lure of separate bathroom lines and air conditioned tents was too much to resist, Dan bought us VIP passes. At every stage, we had our own little fenced in area.


The two ladies to the left are the Watson Twins, which you may recognize from albums put out by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. I had no idea they were from Louisville, and the crowd went wild when they were introduced.


Our passes came with sweet little julep cups. We spent a little too much time in the Bourbon Tent (Dan: “let’s make sure we’re drinking local stuff!” Me: “we’re in Kentucky, I think that means everything is local.”) and when we got back to the big stage for The Replacements, we were quite a bit further back in our little VIP kennel than we’d been for Jenny Watson.


But not far enough back that I couldn’t see the sheer delight on Billie Joe Armstrong’s face as he played with them. The Replacements were so fantastic that we skipped most of Ray Lamontagne, who had been on both of our Can’t Miss Lists, but we did wander over to his stage for a little while.


And watched a few songs with the Watson Twins. I am such a gomer. Then we took a break to put our feet up and take advantage of the short beverage line in the VIP tent.



We ate a lot of food earlier in the day and it worked for us so we ate a lot more while waiting for Beck to take the stage.

I saw this car on the walk back to the hotel.


It’s about Shirt Art. I swear. Go to that URL at work, I dare you.

Back at the hotel, we ordered room service cheesecake because if you’ve been here for long, you know that’s my Love Language.


And then the new Jenny Lewis album The Voyager came out a few days later and we all lived happily ever after.