Title = what I kept repeating while I was logging in.

While I’m not sure I feel up to “writing real stuff” tonight, in a long extended real stuff sort of way, here are things that have happened recently.

My dad had half of his colon removed, but will not need chemo.  He was in the hospital for a week, which is just . . . that seems crazy these days, doesn’t it?  It was terrifying, in that way that you don’t let yourself think too much about it until it’s over and then the weight of it settles and you just sob for an hour because, well.

A family friend died unexpectedly while Dad was still recovering.  Her cat, Fancy, came to live with us.  Ada is a cat lady.  I’m working very hard to focus on how happy the cat is, and how happy Ada is, and let that push out any thoughts about a mother that died while I was firming up my denial that my father ever could.

Ada and Fancy

The real stuff that isn’t quite so “real” happened too.

I hired a landscaper because I didn’t want to move that much, and bought a deskcycle because if I’m not moving, I fidget so much that my brain stops working.

I planted four Eastern Redbuds and I think Ada has run over three of them with her PowerWheels this week.

Mare and her daughter came for a visit and I showed them a perfectly normal average Beth sort of week that included a television news camera. Ada’s Only Child flag flew high and proud at times.


I got a massage and I am going to have another.

I bought some new art.  I “found” some new art/old furnace door.  I hung old art I bought forever ago.







I decided on my next band name.


I re-thought my relationship with the internet, and this site, as one does during a 3 month hiatus.  Usually I re-theme when I re-examine, but I still love this.  It feels like my living room, a little bit of every texture I know.

I drank a beer tonight and I am going to have another, and just sit and stare at my white walls that I love so much, and let them clear out my brain.  My dog is also white, as is my cat.  I’m pretty committed to never wearing black clothing outside of the house ever again.


Oh, and I have a new motto.


Planning Our Foodie Podcast

January 30, 2015

Beth: do you guys have Menards in Ohio?

Kristen: Yes

Beth: so I’ve been telling people to go to Menards and find the 2 lb bag of Albanian gummy bears because they are the freshest, softest, tastiest candy I’ve ever had but I just realized the bag says Albanese. not Albanian. not the country.

Kristen: oh man

Beth: but whatever, the product recommendation still stands

Kristen: wait. isn’t menards a hardware store? like a big box home depot type place?

Beth: yes it is. sweet christ they sell individual flavors. the mix doesn’t have the white strawberry

Kristen: those little berry blue ones look delicious

Beth: 5lbs is $9.99. I’m going to die of diabetes in April

Kristen: Haha. ooh i bet the pineapple ones are good, too. DAMNIT i want them all. where is my fucking pizza.

Beth: those are in the mix, those are good.

Kristen: i ordered one of those specialty pizzas that have like 17 different kinds of meat on them. they are typically called “meat lovers” or something
this particular one? it’s called “the butcher shop” so i had to ask someone over the phone to please bring me a medium “The Butcher Shop”

Beth: I eat cheese pizza. you and I would be terrible wives.

Kristen: you eat PLAIN CHEESE PIZZA!!!

Beth: there are worse kinds of pizza

Kristen: okay, kevin mcallister

Beth: hold on, I’ll show you

Liquid Vegan Pizza

Beth: boom. liquid vegan pizza. I win. we all lose really, but I win the conversation

Kristen: that’s kinda gross. although right now i am so hungry that i would probably eat it.

Beth: that’s their slogan. “If you’re dying on a mountain, you’d probably eat it”

Kristen: hahaha