September 22, 2014


That picture is from a series we took tonight to include in an email to Dan, who is gone for 11 days in Arizona and Utah for the Grand to Grand Ultra. In updating him on what he’s missed of Ada in the last few days, I realized I owed an update here as well, but for months.

Ada is still pretty fearless, so long as she has her earmuffs.


She’d prefer to hang on with only one hand but if I insist on two, well, sigh, I guess that’s okay.


She loves dressing herself, so we have a lot of motorcycle jacket + skirted dance leotard + boots outfits these days.  I am kind of jealous, honestly, it looks really comfortable.


She’s in a new school.  Her caregiver since she was an infant went back to work in the medical field about two months ago, so we put Ada into a combination daycare/preschool program.


Somehow Dan resisted the urge to put “sub 4 minute mile” for the “what are your goals” question.

Ada is an athlete, however.  Her primary sport is gymnastics.


She has leveled up once or twice since the last time I wrote about gymnastics here. She is now in the 2nd level of the No Mommy classes. I have been sitting outside the room watching through glass for 2 semesters now and it’s awesome. The other girls in her class will all turn 5 shortly after Ada turns 3, so she looks even tinier than she really is, flying around the bars and rings.

Her other sport/activity is swimming.  She started swimming lessons in July at Catch the Wave.  We chose this club because we wanted to support a program they offered for toddlers [trigger warning] which is explained further in this link.  For July, we were lucky enough with our schedules that she was able to double up and get twice as many lessons, and now she’s there once a week.  Her lessons are very hard for me to watch – they focus on survival and each lesson ends with a “safety jump” where she has to jump into the water, surface, roll to her back, and scream “Help” while the instructor tells her to yell louder and louder.  It’s an amazing thing that’s just so so hard to watch.


What isn’t hard to watch though is every other trip to every other pool.

Despite her love of the water, she (so far) isn’t signing up for Ski Broncs just yet.

She is delightful in innumerable ways. She has comedic timing and facial expressions that are so far beyond her age that it worries me sometimes. Of course, she’s also very definitely a 2 year-old pretty frequently. She’s stubborn and independent and fearless.



She turns 3 in a couple of weeks. She’s not asking for very much, just some balloons and a fast black car with no top on it.

Right before our flight from Newburgh, NY to Philadelphia in June, I decided I needed some new books on my Nook. I did a very quick search for the words “Indianapolis 500″, as I just read a history of the 1964 race in May and wanted more information to put it in context. Also, my little brother is kind of a know-it-all and one of the areas of history that he has completely memorized is Indianapolis and I’m not about it to cede that to him the next time we are throwing things at each other during a Thanksgiving game of Trivial Pursuit.

Anyway. Nook books. Three of the results that came back were Volumes 1 through 3 of a series of books about Indy by Brian G. Boettcher. One of them was free, and the next two in the series were just a few bucks. I downloaded them all.

I was absolutely captivated and read myself through two plane rides and then to sleep every night for a couple of weeks. I started telling stories to random people about The Sweepstakes, because of course I don’t even call it the 500 anymore. Then I went searching for Volume 4 and HORROR OF HORRORS it wasn’t released yet.

I did what any sane person with a Twitter account does, which is to find the author and beg him to write faster. He got in touch with me last week to let me know that Volume 4 was out. He also gave me a copy of it for free, which was so amazing of him. I doubt he realizes that I even have a blog or write (terrible, usually not even related to the book) book reviews. I think he’s just an awesome guy. Anyway.

Some of you already know that had Ada been a boy, she would have been named Ayrton. When I told my friend Mare this was the case, long before Ada was born, her husband threatened to have another child just to name him Jim Clark [Their Last Name]. Well, now, thanks to Volume Four: The British Invasion, I’m even more sad that this didn’t happen, and will definitely be suggesting Jim Clark to every pregnant woman I know.

In conclusion, buy all four of Brian G. Boettcher’s books, my brother is sometimes a total windbag, and please name your babies Jim Clark. Thank you.

If you can’t tell, I created all of the titles for the past week of blog posts really late at night while enjoying my new love, lemon ginger radler. But I am standing by them. #seoshitshow

The bulk of the racing action takes place on our living room floor these days. But I went to an IRA race at Beaver Dam in August because it was close to the Mustard Festival (of course I go to mustard festivals, are you new?)

After Beaver Dam, our next race was the Milwaukee Indy Fest. Ada’s 2nd Indy car race in 2014, and also her whole life, but the first that had Thomas the Tank Engine as the opening act. She went to Day Out with Thomas with her Grandpa Bob the day before our Indy adventure.



Will Power won, after leading like, everything. I don’t think Ada is a Will Power fan. OR MAYBE I’M PROJECTING I DON’T KNOW.