National Mustard Day 2015

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Financial Planning

Scene:  Dan and I sit on the front step of the house, watching Ada drive her purple F150 Power Wheel truck around my large brick raised flower bed in the front yard. Ada:  ~drives head on into the brick wall~  CAN YOU HELP ME? Ada:  ~backs up 5″, rams the brick... read more

Young Adult Nonfiction

Ada made her first trip to the library this weekend. It was a very big event. She doesn’t know that she isn’t old enough for her own library card yet, so we made a big production out of getting mine. Because I haven’t had one in over 10 years (sigh,... read more

The Sparkly Flower Chart of All Our Tomorrows

We bought a magnetic calendar and a whole pile of magnets and craft supplies tonight, to finally create Ada’s chart, which we’re told (by her) is going to magically overnight change her behavior.  You’ve heard of baby led weaning.  This is like,... read more
Beth Wagner

Beth Wagner