Me:  can we name our first son Bruiser?

    Marc:  You sure about Bruiser?  People are going to assume he’s violent.  It’s like naming our daughter Fantasy and expecting her not to become a stripper

    Me:  I think it’ll be totes cute when he’s a teeny little thing toddling all over the place, and then when he plays professional football, it will be assumed it’s a nickname

    Marc:  I was thinking Fisticuffs

    Me:  and then when he’s a Supreme Court justice, it will be like the best CSPAN confirmation hearing ever.

    Marc:  do you really think OUR child will keep his nose clean enough to become a SCJ?

    Me:  dude.  that’s why you’re there, to be the tough parent that keeps him in line.  also, I was thinking that Fantasy will probably be the problem child

    Marc:  true.  Let’s name him Ezekiel.  So we can call him Zeke.

    Me:  I want him to be an NFL SCJ, not a cowboy.

    Marc:  Save a horse, ride a justice

    Me:  oh god

    Marc:  i think i saw Clarence Thomas wearing that shirt.  and spurs

    Me:  and nothing else

    Marc:  it’s good to have tenure