There are times when I feel a little more affected by gravity than usual.

    AC panorama

    Moments when my feet touch the earth and I feel like I’m part of it, instead of just walking on it.

    Feet in the Ocean!

    Plans made and enacted where the friendship is the biggest and most important part of the adventure.

    20091003 NYC NJ Trip 372

    Days when waking up at 6 am feels like a blessing and not a burden.

    20091003 NYC NJ Trip 449

    Mornings when the first rays of sun hit and I can hear it, in the silence, I swear I can hear The Universe telling me something.

    20091003 NYC NJ Trip 476

    Times when I look at birds and wonder why they ever land, when they have the ability to fly.

    20091003 NYC NJ Trip 471

    And times when I wonder the same thing of myself.

    20091003 NYC NJ Trip 507