Like maybe this one!

    Yes, friends, we are expecting a baby.   Of those who know already, the common question or expression is always related to how I dress and photograph my dog, and whether or not I will do that to the baby.  Amy says I can’t dress the baby like a lobster in a pot, I say watch me.

    But, for the critics, here is a costume-less baby.

    Baby’s First Picture was four weeks ago, and I won’t get another one for another eight weeks or so.  I think it looks like a potato, and I’m told the arrow is pointing at the butt.

    The Little Spud is due in mid-November.  I am feeling well, as of about a week or so ago.  Prior to that, I was asleep every minute I wasn’t at work, and some of the minutes I was.  I lost 9 pounds during my first trimester, from all-day sickness and the fact that every single thing I ate tasted like tuna or a copper penny.  But that is over now and I’m entering more of a stoner phase (see: yesterday’s KFC mashed potatoes incident).

    I’ve been asked many times if this means I’ll be a Mommy Blogger now and I don’t know how to answer that.  I never thought I’d blog about renovating a house or suicide by train or ultramarathoning.  So I guess this will continue to be my Life Blog, and now that my life will have a baby in it, you’ll probably have to read baby things.

    I’ve actually been writing a lot over the last few months, but publishing it privately until I was ready to share.  It’s hard to talk about anything without a little bit of the baby news creeping into it, but now that it’s out of the bag, I’ll be around more.  I’ll start turning some of those older entries public in the next few days so you can read all about my early hormone-fueled panics.

    Love you all, and thanks for sticking around while I was sleeping and puking.