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The storms that have hit the Chicago area in the last few weeks have been brutal.  Coupling the storm-induced power outages with a massive heat wave over most of the country, it’s been downright dangerous here for a lot of people.  I don’t claim to be one of them.  Here are some quick stats:

– 852,000 without power after last Monday’s storm, ComEd’s largest outage ever

– 7 dead blamed on heat

– 2 Rockford house fires yesterday alone from lightning strikes

– The electrical storm that is just winding down right now outside my window produced 4,100 cloud to ground lightning strikes within a 250 mile radius of Chicago in 10 minutes alone, per Tom Skilling

Oh!  And Jen Lancaster, author of 6 books and a rampant narcissist according to her Wikipedia page, had to throw out her mayonnaise.

She followed that with a comment to all of her followers about writing a sad poem for losing the respect of “some random blogger”.  Eh, it really doesn’t matter if I’m a nobody or if I’m a blogger or if I’m random to you, Jen.  You also lost the respect of a book-buyer, formerly one of yours.

The entire exchange is still up on Twitter, if you’d like to read the whole thing.