Me:  So these are the kind of guys who get a boner when “Sweet Home Alabama” comes on the jukebox, right?

    GL:  Nah.

    Me:  Okay, but they definitely know all the words to “Hold On Loosely”.

    GL:  Mmmmm.  No.

    Me:  They’ve been to a The THE BAND Band show.

    GL:  ~shakes head~

    Me:  They share a hairstylist with the Allman Brothers, for sure.

    GL:  Maybe.

    Me:  $5 says every one of them has a son named Van Zant.

    GL:  Nah.

    Me:  They are laughing at you because you think Marshall Tucker is a guy.

    GL:  ~stare~

    Me:  All I’m saying is that they train Kid Rock’s groupies for him and spent a lot of time voting for Bo Bice.  That’s all I’m saying.

    GL:  ~silence~

    Me:  You’re jealous of their Steve Miller Band posters.

    GL:  Stop it.

    ~minutes pass~

    GL:  You know who they kind of sound like?

    Me:  Who?

    GL:  Skynyrd.